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    Red face Unanswered: Sending data tables via email

    Can anybody help me out with these?

    Is it possible to send via email specific data tables from an Access database? If possible, how can it be done? Would the recipient then be able to append the tables to his/her own database? How would that be done?

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    it depends on how much work you are prepared to do, and if the level of work involved is too much to make it viable (either in terms of time or money). Your requirement is a little vague, perhaps if you considere the following and then come back with a bit more detail then the forum may be able to assist you better

    you could send tables to another person using email using any scheme
    one way could be to export the data (either as a text file) or a tbale into a new database that is used as the transport medium). this export could be done as part of a macro or vba function so that all relevant tables are exported at thje same time. It can be done automatically using windows scheduler to fire off the relevant task as required.

    how you send the email is up to you. there is no reason why you cannot send the email via a VB process (especially if you use Outlook as your email client). Or you can do this as a manual procedure.

    importing at the other end can be a little bit fiddly, especailly if the 'other' user is changinf thje same data set. IE how would you resolved discrepancies between your changes thand their changes. If you tba els are the design master, IE can overwrite what ever is in the loacl tables then you can 'just' delete the existing tabels (or data in those tables) and replace with new

    you may have to write a vb function which compares to records and decides what to do. bear in mind that an access application can have tables form more than one access database.
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