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    Unanswered: List Box Problem


    I have two list boxes. The first one displays all the customers and the second one all the orders. Now the point is to get the first list box to work as a “criteria” so that the second list box displays just those orders that belong to the customer in the first list box.

    Now, my solution is based on the following example code:
    But the problem is that this solution seems to only apply to situations where there is just one record.

    I have succeeded in altering the original code line:

    MSODSC.RecordsetDefs.Item("Orders").ServerFilter = "[CustomerID]='" & ddlCustomer.value & "'"

    To this:

    Set cs = MSODSC.CurrentSection.HTMLContainer
    MSODSC.RecordsetDefs.Item("User_4_q").ServerFilter = "[Library]='" & cs.children("ddlLibrary").value & "'"

    So now at least the page runs and I can make selections, but the problem is that when a new person is selected, all the records in OrderID list boxes update to display this persons orders. When, the purpose of course is to just update the orders on the chosen persons OrderID list box.

    And of course this is about DATA ACCESS PAGES, not forms.

    It is a little difficult to explain, I hope it makes sense. I’m just a beginner in Access so detailed answers would be appreciated.

    I’m not even sure if this is the right forum. Should I rather post this question to the ASP, Java or some other forum???


    Mika Laakso
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