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    Unanswered: Data Entry question

    I have a form for data entry with fields for a "ProgramID", which is a short name abbreviation, and "Program" field, which is the full name. I would like to have the full name filled in (or updated) after the user enters the short name (proceeing to the next field, the "Program" field and using the "got focus" property). I have seen examples of this in various forms including VB, but I can't seem to ge any code to work. I know this has to be a very simple thing, but as a novice, I cannot seem to get r done. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    If I'm reading your post correctly, the simpliest way to do this would be to use a combobox.

    First you must have your form set up to display the record you want to retrieve, i.e. you must have fields set up with the appropriate Control Sources. Then simply:

    Add a combo box to your form. The Combobox Wizard will pop up

    Select "Find a record based on the value I selected in my combobox." Hit Next.

    Click on the field you're searching by (ProgramID) to move it to the right side. Hit Next.

    Size the column appropriately. Hit Next.

    Name the combobox. Hit Finish.

    Now you can drop the combobox down and scroll down to the number to search by, or you can start to enter the ProgramID, and the combobox will "autofill" as you type. Hit <Enter> and the record will be retrieved and the full name, and any other info associated, will be filled in.
    Hope this helps!

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