I had installed SQL Server (Desktop version) on one of my client’s pc and kept D:\ as default directory for both data and server. I was running smoothly. The pc has 2 partitions C:\ and D:\

All tables in my Access FE were linked as dbo_ prefix later which they are renamed to their original names.

Due to some technical error the client formatted C:\ drive. He was aware that SQL Server and data files are lying in D: hence he did not ask me before formatting.

Now I need to know that should I install SQL Server again. I have seen SQL server folder in D drive and it contains sub folders like BINN and others.

If the data & log (*.mdf & &.ldf) files are still there, where can I find them and how can I make available them or how can I activate the icon ‘Enterprise Manger’ as it was in the start up? Please advice what step shall I take to get it worked it as they were before?

With kind regards,