Hello everyone,

Im new to the Radan e2i system(version 200.3.08) and I need to practice with tutor before I go on my course next month.The problem I have is that when I try to run the EAS Demo DB v3 IM the library file I get:

SQLSTATE=IM002[OBDC Driver manager] data source name not found and no deffault driver specified

Now Im running Infomaker(version 7 build 5031) and SQL anytime(version 5.5.04 if this helps and I have wiped and reloaded Infomaker and SQL anytime and still the tutor wont run.Strange though I have found the tutorial in the Sybase files but it wont point to the data base required, I can run the tutorial but there is no data to work from.Im sorry if I come across stupid!! but Im very new to this and its frustrating the hell out of me.

Im sure that there is a competent out there to help an incompetent!!!

Thanks Glen

P.S. I did notice when I setup the infomaker again(custom) the demo box was clicked and shadowed and couldnt be removed at all