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    Red face Unanswered: conditional format on report

    Hello All,
    I have form and a subform attached together, i use subform for partnumber and serial number.
    so it would be something like this
    (combobox)partnumber (textbox)serialnumber
    123456 sgh12345

    Lets say I have 12 different partnumbers with 12 different serials which i need to enter in the subform, After entering them in the subform i print my report and they come out all lined up together on top of each other with serials side by side.

    I can see after entering 12 parts 11th partnumber and 12th partnumber at the bottom of the report but it would be nice to be able to see 11th and 12th partnumber highlited or pointed out with an arrow to the side or something like that. Most of the time i have many different parts and each part have several different serials and when i print the report thats 5 or 6 pages different parts are somewhere in the middle of the report and hard to find.

    I guess what i am asking for is there a way on the report i can distinguish different partnumber with an arrow or something like that??
    the only way i know is to do conditional format but it only has 3 conditions.
    is there another way ??

    Many thanks

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    There are all kinds of ways ... Limited only to your imagination. As for your question: Generally, you can do something like this: Have an extra column on your subform to indicate special treatment in your report (arrows, asterisks, etc ...) that you trigger with a checkbox or yes/no combo and then in your report, in the Detail Section, put code in to test for that flag and unhide your indicator (say slap a label with the indicator desired and hide it) ...
    Back to Access ... ADO is not the way to go for speed ...

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