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    Unanswered: Database Identification - xBase variant

    Hello all,

    I've got some database files which appear as Xbase variants, but none of the obvious. If anyone can help me id these guys, I'll be in your favor bank.

    Traits of the files:
    -.NDB extension - this could be a MacGuffin (deception)

    -flat file attributes, no indexes present.

    -an *.LCK file with words "LOCK FILE" within

    -used in a multi-user environment

    -byte zero is 03x (but dBase, FoxPro, etc utils don't work).

    -byte 4 begins the record count

    -field definitions begin at byte 852, but additional info might be stored in a separate delimited ASCII file

    -supports variable length data elements

    there are other things I've id'd, but nothing helpful.
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