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    Unanswered: fOSUserName Problem

    I imported a form and table from a friend who logs users into a table to see who is using the program. However when I try to run the form as the startup form, I get an error on the strTKNum = fOSUserName command line (it highlights the fOSUserName part of the line). I made no changes from his program and it works fine in his application on the same LAN. Any suggestions?

    Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
    On Error GoTo Err_Form_Open

    Dim dbs As Database, rstAssoc As Recordset
    Dim intcount As Integer
    Dim strTKNum As String

    strTKNum = fOSUserName
    Set dbs = CurrentDb
    Set rstAssoc = dbs.OpenRecordset("Associate Log", dbOpenTable)

    rstAssoc!TKNumber = strTKNum
    rstAssoc!EmpName = fGetFullNameOfLoggedUser
    rstAssoc!DateIn = Date
    rstAssoc!TimeIn = Time()

    DoCmd.Close acForm, "StartLog"
    DoCmd.OpenForm "Start"

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    I suspect your friend got this code on the net; it's been floating around for a while. It was written by Dev Ashish. strTKNum = fOSUserName is referring to a function, fOSUserName and my guess is you didn't import the module that holds the function! You can find the function here. Copy it and place it in a module in your DB.
    Hope this helps!

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    That makes sense, I hadn't thought to look in the module section for a tie in. Thanks for the info.

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