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    Unanswered: Connecting SQL SERVER

    hi, Every one .. i got one strang error. i am unable to connect SQL SERVER through my application in which SQL SERVER OS is windows server 2003.with same application i can connect to SQL SERVER there OS is windows 2000. Whenver i am going to connect windows server 2003 i am getting this type of error.[DBNETLIB]:[(connectionopen (connect()))];sql server does not exist or acess is denied.

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    You should check:
    - If your SQL SERVER allows the user you try to get connected to the server
    - If you moved your DB you have to ensure that the SERVER name is the same or change the name of your server in your code or your ODBC, depending on the way your app works
    - If your SQL SERVER (SERVICES) are started
    - If your firewall blocks your requests (on both client and server sides)

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