Hi guys, im a noob and need help in order to progress within my c.w

For my project i have choosen to create a database system for a take - away.

On my Order Form, i want to add the table Starters, to allow the user to search or select the starter, by 1) using its primary key Or searching it allowing the user to to view the starter list available in my table.

I have tried using a list box, combo box and sub form, and have found that only the sub form allows you to edit the details. I need this as the user may demand to have mutliple quantities of one product and it would enable the user to type in its primary key to find the name of dish etc.

But i do not know how to carry out the activites.

I need help on:
- User being able to search each field by using its primary key
- User being able to view all listed starter menu
- User being able to edit the quantity field.

Please Help

Many Thankz in advance