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    Unanswered: Access 97 - ASP server advice required


    Can anybody advise me on the following:

    I am in the process of having an e-commerce site set up for me. This will be a web based ASP database etc.

    To manage the day to day running of this system I will be downloading sales data etc from the server into MS Access.

    My question is will Access 97 cope with this ok, i.e. are there any shortcoming with interacting with ASP etc.

    I am asking this because I have read on the internet that later versions of access are prone to bugs etc. Also I have
    a copy of 97 and I am familier with it.

    Many thanks.

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    I think it's fair to say that Access 97 will not cope with heavy traffic, in fact no version of Access will.

    Later versions of Access are more stable than 97 which has a big security flaw.

    If you could backend with SQL Server or mySQL you would have a more stable platformn to run your e-commerce activities.

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