Here's what I hope turns out to be a quick question...

I've got SQL Server 2005 SP1 w/hotfix 2153 running on a Windows 2003 R2 cluster. It's set up to accept Named Pipes and TCP/IP on port 1433.

The IP of the virtual server, named MSSQLCLUSTVS01, is, the IP of the cluster is, and the two machines making up the cluster are & .51.

I'm having trouble creating ODBC connections. When I create an ODBC connection using the server name, it works correctly. When I create it using the IP (, it fails. I can connect to the IP through SSMS. I can ping the server name, and it resolves to the 244.85 address; I can ping the 244.85 IP. I can open a telnet connection to MSSQLCLUSTVS01 on 1433, and I can open a telnet connection to on 1433.

I'm using the Data Sources administrative tool in Windows XP Pro to create and test the ODBC connection. I've tried using both Windows security (my login has sa rights to the server) and a SQL login I created for this purpose, both result in the same problem.

This comes up because one of our developers is working on a web service that will need to connect to a DB on this server using a dedicated SQL login. For some reason, nodes on the VLAN of the server he'll be using can't resolve DNS entries on the VLAN the server is on (I'm working on getting this problem fixed, also, of course), so he needs to use the IP. When trying to open an ODBC connection to the server by IP, he gets good old error 17, "SQL Server does not exist or access denied."

If anyone has an idea, I'll give him or her a cookie (yes, it will say it's from doubleclick, but trust me, it's from me).