I would like to use OpenOffice Base to keep track of my weight lifting.

Seems simple.

I figured that I would use multiple tables, one for each movement, i.e. tables called bench press, military press, and squats, ect. Each table would contain the following fields:

date - primary key
time per set
set one
reps for set one
notes for set one
set two
reps for set two
notes for set two
and so on, to 5.
So, for however many movements I decide to do, I will have tables with identical fields in the database with different names.

I'd like to make a form for data entry and to print and bring with me to the gym. This is where I run into difficulty. I figure the date (primary key) should be the same for each table I use for a particular workout. But I may have the concept of primary key wrong since some tables I will not use on a particular day. I cannot seem to accomplish the form/data entry part of database setup. Could someone give me some advice or point me in a direction for further study into database setup?