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    Unanswered: ora-01403 in forms 6i.

    I am developing a form in forms 6i using template.
    When I m running a from it gives a error ORA-01403:NO DATA FOUND.
    Even though this error occurs it proceed normally.
    For example When I am saving a record ,it gives above error but it saves record.
    This ORA-01403 also occurs on another evets such as when I am enterning a
    character data in number field.
    In the form level On_Error Trigger I have written code
    as :- message(DBMS_ERROR_TEXT). because of this it show the error
    ORA-01403 but when i wrote a null on this trigger then it doesn't show any error .
    I want to know is that how to find the exact cause of error.

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    I used the message(ERROR_TEXT||ERROR_CODE) in On_Error.
    It Gives exact cause of error.

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    There's a trigger in your form which performs a SELECT operation. This SELECT returns nothing (i.e. ends up with ORA-01403: NO-DATA-FOUND error).

    As you've said that form works normally (I wouldn't call it that way, but never mind), I suspect that this might be a POST-QUERY or similar trigger, used to populate a Display Field - it doesn't affect functionality in a way that it would stop processing, but is annoying by all means. This is why you normally COMMIT changes.

    In order to fix such a behaviour, find the trigger and do one of the following:
    • Deal with it properly - create an exception handler, such as
        SELECT name INTO
          FROM employees
          WHERE id =;
 := 'Unknown';
    • Use an aggregate function in order to avoid the NO-DATA-FOUND error:
      SELECT MAX(name) INTO
        FROM employees
        WHERE id =;

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