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    Unanswered: Adding number of decimal places during table design


    Nice easy one (hopefully) from a newbie on SQL 2000.

    I have a table HolidayTakenBooked which is populated from a stored procedure via the following statement;

    TRUNCATE TABLE HolidayTakenBooked
    INSERT INTO HolidayTakenBooked
    SELECT * FROM #TMP_HolidayTakenBooked ORDER BY ABR_Clock_No

    I am finding that for certain values in the HolidayTakenBooked table decimals are not being transferred correctly. ie. 0.5 in the TMP table appears as 1 in the HolidayTakenBooked table.

    I'm pretty sure that this is down to the data definition of the table see sample field below;
    [HOL_DaysTaken1] [decimal](18, 0) NULL ,

    So the simple question here is how do I define decimal places when I define a new table. When designing a new table in Enterprise Manager I select decimal and the server does not allow me to change the value of 9 it defaults to.

    What simple thing I am not doing ?


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    Put values in Scale properties,you will find it just below precision if you are creating tables in EM design Table option...
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    Many thanks.

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