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    Unanswered: Crystal Reports - general info needed

    I have to rewrite a VBA application. I am currently in the process of deciding which software platform to use. It will probably be MS SQL Server using Visual Studio. My plan is to have it be an intranet application

    Wanted to know about Crystal Reports capabilities. Right now I know nothing so anything you offer would be useful. Currently the analysts I support have to go to various applications to view reports. Reports are most likely 1 to 5 pages in length. The analysts use this report data as reference info when using the system that I will be rewriting. This report data is very likely on the network in various folders (in excel files or word or even .txt) or on the mainframe in raw datasets.

    Can Crystal Reports be called from my new application and use these files to display reports within my application.

    Does it have the capability to retrieve raw data from our mainframe, parse it into various fields and make a report out of it?


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    u can generate crystal reports from excel data or from a text file also.

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