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Thread: Arrays in VBA

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    Unanswered: Arrays in VBA

    Sorry for asking pretty simple question:
    Where is a good place to learn basics for making arrays in VBA?
    Im doing this thing where i simulate customer shopping and checkout times in a store and i will need to record each time when a customer waited for less than three minutes and also for more than three minutes. Then i will need to pull that data out and report how many times customers had to wait for more than three minutes before they could proceed to the checkout. There's only one checker, and i have all the functions needed for generating customer arrival, shopping times.

    id appreciate any help

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    Something to start with
    Dim array1(10, 10) As String
    Private Sub Form_Load()

    For row = 0 To 10
    For col = 0 To 10
    array1(row, col)=str(row) & str(Col)
    Next col
    Next row

    End Sub

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