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    Unanswered: Sql Server 2000 installation help

    Dear Sir,

    I just wanted to get the advice.I have a sql server2000 installed on Windows 2000 advanced server machine in my company using windows authentication.I wanted to install another instance of this sql server on remote sites located in other country where the domain name and everything changes.I wanted to use the same existing schema there in new site.Can i import this database there and create new users of new domain using this .



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    You can probably do what you want. You can definitely move the database, there is no doubt about that, but there may be some problems using it.

    Moving the database is easy:

    1. Backup your database onto a portable media, such as a DVD disk.
    2. Install a copy of SQL Server onto the new server
    3. Restore the backup onto the new server
    4. Use SQL Enterprise Manager to change the security as needed.

    Once you get the database onto the new server, you'll need to test with the tools you plan to use to access the database there. All of Microsoft's current products are international, but some other products are not. This is the only possible problem that I would expect.


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