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    Red face Unanswered: help with SQL queries please

    wasnt sure which place to post this question in. sorry if its the wrong one.
    could anyone please help me some SQL queries?

    i have the following tables:

    and just needed help on constructing these SQL queriers:

    1. show a list of the sponsers and which elephants they sponser. include sponsers name and amount sponsered.

    2. show a count of how many volunteers work at each sanctuary.

    3. provide a list of baby elephants born in august 2006, include their name dob and mothers name.

    4. display the emergency contact details for a member of staff called "bob jones"

    any help with any of these queries will be greatly appreciated.

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    Actually, that's not the way it works here. FIRST you write those queries (not with your left foot, but ones that compile but don't return desired output data set), and THEN return here to ask for help on a specific problem.

    Why do you expect someone else to practice on YOUR homework? Do you think we are just too bored to fulfill everyone's wishes? I, personally, don't feel like a goldfish.

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