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    subclass help


    i have 2 tables: employee and volunteer.

    ive made volunteer a subclass of employee as volunteers are given a temprorary employee ID. this seemed to make sense.

    as a result i have the following tables:

    employee no (PK)
    job title
    home tel
    mobile number
    gender dob

    Emp No(PK)
    arrival date
    leave date
    allocated room
    passport No
    insurance name
    policy number
    insurance tel no

    does this look okay? i think it would cause problems though. for example if i want to do a SQL query showing how many volunteers are working at the company. not to sure how i would present it. maybe passport number needs to be a primary key too? confused lol

    any help would be greatt!

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    What part of the answers to your previous thread did you not understand?

    We frown on cross-posters here. And we frown on homework help as well, although you can often find someone who will comment on the work you do, provided you put forth some effort.
    If it's not practically useful, then it's practically useless.

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