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    Unanswered: Getting CPU and I/O usage for several Servers

    Hello ,

    I would like a script for MSSQL 2000 for collection of utilization data for cpu and ram. I need to have the data from several servers.

    This data for all servers should be stored in a database. I am looking for 10 minute increments.

    How can I go about this.


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    Personally I would write this as an NT service using perfmon counters. I don't think it is necessarily approriate for this to live inside SQL Server itself, particularly if SQL Servers performance is an issue.
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    I use a VBScript and WMI Counters. The Script is run from a single server with network access to the monitored server(s). The data is collected every fifteen minutes (can be more or less frequent) as the program is scheduled through a Windows scheduled task.

    There's lots of info out there on WMI counters and scripting. My own script is a collection of scraps posted by other people and synthesized into a coherent program through kludgy hacking on my own.

    A Windows service would be better. A web server to which servers could post would probably be best of all.

    PM me if you want the code; but I warn you -- I'm a DBA by trade, not a developer.


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    It would be great if you can send me your script , so that I can modify according to my requirements.

    Frankly I am new to DBA stuff and breaking my head over it..

    Thanks in advance


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