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    i was thinking wether is it possible to assign a new tablespace to an already created table . basically my database is getting bigger and bigger and i was just thinking of that is it possibl to pull some tables out from the ovrloaded tablespace into a new one if yes then how will my user be givem access to both the tablespaces

    another option is table partitioning but i cant find any guide to it . could you plz reccomend me one ..

    thanks alot

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    where could you possibly be looking for information and not find it?
    you can rebuild a table to a new tablespace.
    you can also convert it to partitioned and then start partitioning it.
    you could also rebuild your indexes online to seperate tablespaces.

    all this can be searched for here:
    PHP Code: 
    I even did a search on "move table" and the first hit was exactly what someone
    would be looking for:
    PHP Code: 
    save all these oracle links to your favorites or whatever. this way you always know where
    to go when looking for information.
    - The_Duck
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