I am creating a word template that contains two list boxes. The user will be able to select multiple items and send the items to the other list box via a command button. However when ever I save and close the document and open the same document, the contents of the second list box are empty

I have attached the code I have for you all to look at. Thanks for the help in advance.

Private Sub Document_New()

'Clears out second list for a new document
End Sub

Private Sub Document_Open()
End Sub

Private Sub cmdMovetoRight_Click()

Dim i As Integer

If lstbox1.ListIndex = -1 Then Exit Sub
For i = lstbox1.ListCount - 1 To 0 Step -1
If lstbox1.Selected(i) = True Then
lstbox2.AddItem lstbox1.List(i)
lstbox1.RemoveItem i
End If
Next i
End Sub

Private Sub cmdMovetoLeft_Click()

Dim i As Integer

If lstbox2.ListIndex = -1 Then Exit Sub
For i = lstbox2.ListCount - 1 To 0 Step -1
If lstbox2.Selected(i) = True Then
lstbox1.AddItem lstbox2.List(i)
lstbox2.RemoveItem i
End If
Next i
End Sub

Private Function PopulateListBoxes()
'code used to populate multi-select list box
With lstbox1
.AddItem "TBD1"
.AddItem "TBD2"
.AddItem "TBD3"
.AddItem "TBD4"
.AddItem "TBD5"
.AddItem "TBD6"
.AddItem "TBD7"
End With
End Function