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    Unanswered: Get ALL DDL of table create

    I need to get the SQL that creates all tables in one schema and it's indexs, contrants, and triggers into a SQL file so that I can export structure to a different instance and a different schema.

    I have access to PL/SQL developer, and TOAD

    Is there a scripting package similar to EM in SQL Server.

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    The simplest way is to export the schema and then import into the new schema/instance with data=NO
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    Have a look at the dbms_metadata.get_ddl() function

    You can easily create SQL statement that will create SQL script to generate the DDL for the whole schema.

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    Right, exp/imp, or expdp/impdp if you have a later version of Oracle.

    If you actually want the scripts, though, you can use the same. For export/import look into the "SHOW" option - for datapump export/import look into the "SQLFILE" option. Both will use the command line utility to create the scripts normally executed during the import process.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rbackmann
    ...Is there a scripting package similar to EM in SQL Server.

    If the source DB is WinDoze SQL Server, you may want to post or move this question to the M$ SQL Server Forum.

    Otherwise use SQL Developer or TOAD or DDL Wizard to reverse-engineer your schema.

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