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    Post Unanswered: Help! Excel to Crystal report

    I have to develop a report in crystal report 10. I am new to crystal reports. Sample is given in an Excel file. It has two parts first is pivot table & second is Table which perform some calculations based on following two input values
    • from pivot table (I guess this can be a running field or formula field)
    • from user inputted values (parameters)
    But in excel with the help of GETPIVOTDATA & cells formula, we can perform this task. I am facing problem about i.e.
    1. How can I get cell value of a crosstab in Crystal report 10 to create running field or formula field?
    2. How can I get values of parameter from user after report is created & rest of calculation is waiting for values to be inputted by user in second table?
    3. If the second table is also crosstab then can a crosstab accepts the values from user inputted vals or running/formula fields? also note that MonthNumber is variable it can be 10, 15, 20 or 24
    Below is the demonstration how things are required. If any body can answer/guide me through his precious knowledge I will be thankful to him

    HTML Code:
    Date	Price	Data	1	2	3	Total
    -	-	-	aVal	aVal	aVal	aVal
    			bVal	bVal	bVal	bVal
    -	-	-	aVal	aVal	aVal	aVal
    			bVal	bVal	bVal	bVal
    -	-	-	aVal	aVal	aVal	aVal
    			bVal	bVal	bVal	bVal
    			1	2	3	Total
    		     Avg       Avg         Avg      Sum of all 
    		     bVal1    bVal2       bVal3    bVal Avgs
    		     User      User         User       Sum of all
    		     val 1      val 2        val 3       User vals
    		     Avg 1 /    Avg 2 /     Avg 3 /
    		     User val1  User val2  User val3
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