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    Question Unanswered: Access security

    Is there a way to lock down certain fields in backend, which only Admin can modify without any glitches?
    Backend has to be modified, but there are certain fields which should only be read-only to a user.
    Is there a general way to lock these fields whether user utilizes the frontend or backend?
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    As far as the data is concerned, the front end is a window on the back end therefore any permissions defined using the security wizard are applied regardless of which one you view the data from. Are the users inputting directly to the tables? Do you have user level security on the database?

    As a start, forms should be used for data input where it is then possible to lock specific fields. An 'Autoexec' macro can then open the form when the database is opened. The more secure you want the data, the more time you need to spend getting to grips with removing visibility of the design window at startup, disabling the access special key, user level security etc.

    I wouldn't advise allowing users direct access to the tables- that's where big mistakes can happen quickly!

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