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    Unanswered: How to specify schema.ini in transfertext Macro Command

    Hi Forum,

    I have few text files that are '~' delimited. I would like to create a macro that can use schema.ini that will have the details of all of my text files. These text files do not have a header record.

    Please help me in creating a Macro.

    Thanx a ton in advance...


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    I am not sure what you mean by Schema.ini, but in Access you can create a File Specification for each file. The File Specification allows you to choose whether the file is fixed field or delimited. In your case you can select the delimiter and give the fields names.

    To do this I would start with File/Get External Data/Link Tables then choose a file. Then when the Wizard comes up click on the Advanced button. This will allow you the most flexibility and to name the File Specification. From there, create the macro using the File Specification you made when linking to the file.

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