I'm using vb to do an update statement for a microsoft access database. I have a series of checkboxes (9) that need to be stored into the database. If the user doesn't check the checkbox it gives me a blank value, but if the user does check it, it gives me an "on" value.

I'm using ASP to request those check box values (determine if clicked/not clicked) but I'm not fully getting it to work. I have made a function and passed each checkbox name to that function. So it should be something like this...

check1 = request.form ("checkBox1")
check2 = request.form ("checkBox2")


Function checkValue(valuePassed)

If valuePassed = "On" Then
valuePassed = True
valuePassed = False
End If

End Function

INSERT INTO table VALUES ("& check1 &", "& check2 &", etc...);

What is wrong with that function? Why won't it set the values to be either True or False (so I can insert them into the database).