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    Unanswered: Integration of GPS/mapping

    Has anyone done any work with GPS/mapping integration into an Access database frontend? I'm looking to track some delivery vehicles and I'd love to use something similar to Google Maps API, but I'm sure the Enterprise edition is expensive. Are there any open source alternatives available that will track vehicle location, GPS-fence data and perhaps allow pin-pinpointing of delivery locations and landmarks? And furthermore, would it be easily incorporated into the frontend instead of running as a separate app?

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    There are "open-source" ways to create a live map, however you will need someone who is an expert in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as well as programming. GIS giants like ESRI can easily handle what you described above for a cost.
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    you could try...nextel dots!

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    I worked with GIS and ArcMap. It was pretty slick but like ericjhin mentioned, it does come at a cost (and a pretty in-depth learning curve). But once you get it down, you can create some awesome maps. The key to it all is finding the right spatial centroid as you can have different spatial centroids which give you a different ratio looking map.
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    there are plenty of maps out there designed for use with GPS systems (eg TOPO). these are intended to be downloaded onto handheld GPS receivers and use on PC's.

    So apart from the small detail that you are almost certainly breaking the licensce, and you will have a steep learning curve it must be possible to read that information and display the relevant bit of the map. I wonder if the PC application can be controlled using sendkeys or something equally primitive?

    I know the Ordnance Survey in the UKL used to sell electronic maps which be naviagted around using by specifiyin lat/log coordinates so mebbe, just mebbe there is a technique out there to do such a thingy.
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