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    Unanswered: global.asa question

    first time using global.asa, I am entering a session id in a database when the user logs in, if the user does not use the log out button I need to rely on global.asa to remove the record in the database so here is what I have but it does not work:

    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" RUNAT="Server">
    function Session_OnEnd()
    var adoConnection = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection");
    var removeT = "DELETE FROM tblTrack WHERE sesId = '"+String(Session.SessionID)+"'";
    note than it is in ASP JS

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    Which bit does not work? Is the function fired?

    Question I don't know the answer to: Is OnEnd gaurenteed to be fired -- what about process recycling?

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    Hi have tested the content of the function outside the global.asa file and it works, the record is deleted from the database if I trigger the function manually.
    So I take the function is not actually triggered, is it OK to use the session ID considering the session just expired, does the ID still exist at the time the function should be triggered?

    Many thanks

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    I guess global.asa should ideally have code in Vb script(i'm not very sure if it's strictly Vb script).

    The Session_OnEnd function has few issues associated with itself. Sometimes it doen't get fired at all. We have faced similar issue but there is no generic solution to this.
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