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    Unanswered: DTS Package complexity

    Hi All,

    Can anyone tellme how can we determine a DTS Package's complexity. I want to know the elements that determine the complexity of DTS Package.The very little knowledge I have is number of Connections, number of tasks, Number of Activex Script Tasks. Can anybody please give some more data on this.

    Thanks in Advance

    Ravi Kiran

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    Hi Ravi Kiran,

    I 'm a new one to DTS Package like you. I would like to introduce an intersting book about DTS package.

    1.Microsoft SQL Server(TM) 2000 DTS Step by Step (Step By Step (Microsoft)) (Paperback)
    by Carl Rabeler

    You can free-download it by using special tools as I did.

    May you enjoy the book!

    best reguard,


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    Can anyone define the term "complexity"? And I mean within the realm of computer science, not the branch of mathematical science known as chaos theory....
    Basically, there are only two levels of complexity for a DTS package: simple enough for you to understand, and too complicated for you to understand.
    This was a rather odd question for you instructor to ask...
    If it's not practically useful, then it's practically useless.

    blindman "sqlblindman"

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