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    Hi ,

    What is the best Backup plan that can be give for a sql databse that is on a very high usage.
    Will a six hour backup will decrease the performance of the SQL server...


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    It depends on a lot of things:
    Type of db: OLTP vs. OLAP
    Size of db: 2GB vs. 1TB

    "High usage databases" I am assuming means an OLTP type of database not an OLAP db. With an OLTP db your data will be changing rapidly and I would recommend doing hourly transaction log backups with a daily full backup (if possible, depending on the size of the db).

    If the size of the database is relatively small, (like 2 - 10 GB) doing a full backup once every 6 hours is okay. But if the database is larger in size I do not recommend doing full backups during transaction hours.

    Realize that if you decide to go with backup every 6 hours, you run the risk of losing up to 6 hrs worth of work if something bad happens, as to hourly tlog backups you will only lose 1hrs worth of work. There is a price to pay however for hourly tlog backups, and that is more maintenance, and it will take longer to do a full recovery and then apply several tlogs.

    Consider both the business and technical side of backups

    Good luck
    I hope this helps

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