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    Unanswered: Development server database refresh from production server

    Can we use BCP AND/OR BULK INSERT to do development server databse refresh from production server . I have to do this by following the rules below:

    - no truncation of source table
    - update of changed or new records only.

    I know we can use replication, dts and other methods for this but I need information about this one.


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    Using BCP and/or Bulk insert to update a development server is possible, but would get complicated if you only want to update the changed records in the production server. If you want to only update the changed records you will need to somehow keep track of the records which changed in the production db, and this could lead to expanding your production db by adding extra columns or tables, which is probably not wanted. Overall I would not recommned this procedure.

    Something like log shipping in SQL 2000 might be a better solution.

    Good luck
    Hope this helped

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