Hi All,


We are planning Migrate sql server 7 in Win NT To sql server 7 in Win2000 server

Current Server
OS: Win NT
Sql server 7 sp 3

New server
OS: Win 2000 server
Sql server 7 sp 3

Below are the step which i have in my mind to follow.....

1. Find the sqlserver version, sql server Sp and sort order id in the current server and install the same in the new server

3. Create dummy databases in new server with same name as current server.

2. For logins Run the sp_hexadecimal stored procedure and the sp_help_revlogin stored procedure in current server. and then EXEC sp_help_revlogin in current server, copy the output and execute it in the new server.

3. Restore the user databases backups from current server to new server.

4. Look for orphan users if found fix them with sp_change_users_login.

6. Copy the DTS packages saved run them or recreate DTS as new.

Please let me know if i am missing some thing...

Thanks in advance