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    Question Unanswered: 2GB Access DB Issue

    The company that I am working for has an "issue tracking" web based software called, FogBugz, it uses MS Access DB as its back end. The issue that we have now is the DB is 2GB in size and does not accept data to be added to it anymore. Is there a way we can compress it or split it so we can at least keep working until we can migrate to SQL?

    I have tried the MS Access built in spliter but it didnt work, it just created another 2GB copy of that database.

    Any help will be much appreciated!


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    Did you try to COMPACT your MDB.

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    In an app this large, you've probably deleted scads of objects of all types, many of which may still be counted against the 2 GB limit. It will no doubt be a PITA, but you might consider the old "create a blank DB and import all objects into it!" I would do this in conjunction with MStef-ZG's idea. This may buy you some time, at least, until you can migrate to something else, such as SQL where you can, hopefully, still use your Access frontend.

    Good Luck!
    Hope this helps!

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    agree you will probably get some space back using a compact and repair on the data. However a permanent fix may be to either cull the data... delete duplicates or aged / obsolescent records

    shift to a different backend.

    the other thing you could consider doing is seeing if the datatypes are reasonable. the system designer may have specified say 20 characters for a column that you only use 10 characters for.... reducing that over many hundreds of thousands of rows will be significant. also consider settign text datacolumns that you dont use to 1 character. if you do tinker with the data defintions remember to back up the data first, and compact & repair the db afterwards. I'd also reccomned dusting down the CV just in case it goes wrong

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