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    Unanswered: Master Detail Grid??

    I'm looking for a different way to allow entry of a master detail situation. I've got a list of quantities ordered to be loaded in an ordering database. I would like the user to simply be able to enter information into a grid with the columns representing a load and the rows representing the qty's of the products to be loaded on each load. Like this

    Load 1 Load 2 Load 3
    prod 1 100 150
    prod 2 300 250
    prod 3 500 300
    prod 4 600
    prod 5 700 500

    I realize I could set up a traditional Load Details situation, but I think my users would prefer this arrangement since they're using something similar in Excel currently. Seems simple enough, but I'm stumped on how to accomplish this in Access. Any ideas appreciated.

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    consider using a sub form or design a form that is unbound and do all you rprocessing based on command button events

    eg create a array of controls. this could be done byt hte user specifying how many loads they want to define and how many different products they are dispatching. The create you array of controls, setting the X/Y coordinates for each one

    then design a suitable method to populate the row headings (probably a combo box to assign the product ID [unless of course that is fixed])

    then add OK & Cancel buttons, when the OK button is pressed write some code to iterate through the array of controls and write back any data using an ADO or DAO recordset.

    ....hmm might be easier to to use a sub form, or even consider designing something you can handle and retrain your users, One of the things that never ceases to amaze me with users is if you approach them nicely and explain the problems its amazing how adaptable and flexible they are.
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