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    Unanswered: Oracle Import Problem

    Hello Experts,

    I am using oracle database on Linux.

    I tried to follow the link which says :

    Can one import tables to a different tablespace?

    Oracle offers no parameter to specify a different tablespace to import data into. Objects will be re-created in the tablespace they were originally exported from. One can alter this behaviour by following one of these procedures:

    1.Pre-create the table(s) in the correct tablespace:

    1.1 Import the dump file using the INDEXFILE= option
    1.2 Edit the indexfile. Remove remarks and specify the correct tablespaces.
    1.3 Run this indexfile against your database, this will create the required tables in the appropriate tablespaces
    1.4 Import the table(s) with the IGNORE=Y option.

    2.Change the default tablespace for the user:

    2.1 Revoke the "UNLIMITED TABLESPACE" privilege from the user
    2.2 Revoke the user's quota from the tablespace from where the object was exported. This forces the import utility to create tables in the user's default tablespace.
    2.3 Make the tablespace to which you want to import the default tablespace for the user
    2.4 Import the table

    At option 1.4, When I am trying to import (imp userid=sys/change_on_install fromuser=brok touser=brok ignore=yes file=pt9_str_20061110.dmp log=pt_default_tablespace_change_for_brok_2.log) I am getting below mentioned errors :

    IMP 00019: Line rejected due to Oracle fault of 1
    IMP-00003: Oracle fault 1 found
    ORA-00001: Violation of unambiguity, rule (BROKER.M_BRREG_PK).

    Can somebody point where I am wrong ??

    Regards, Rajeev

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    Records that you are trying to import violated primary key constraint M_BRREG_PK. It appears that either there's problem in data, or primary key constraint isn't correctly set.

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