Hi folks -

New DBA (longtime developer) here. I've just noticed something strange on a couple of my databases (SQL 2k). There are some stored procs that have a CRLF or CR+CRLF prefixing the name (they show up as unprintable-char black squares in EM).

They all appear to be replication-related SPs (e.g. ). The names are as follows:

There are corresponding normally-named SPs. Not all the replication-related SPs have been copied this way. The create date of all the new SPs is the same, and is (IIRC, I wasn't involved then...) the date of the SP4 application to the server.

Anyone ever seen this? More importantly, is there a way to determine if these SPs are being used? I'd like to delete them if I can, but not until I'm sure of what's happened. TIA for any input.