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    Unanswered: auto_runstats

    AIX 5.3
    DB2 8.2
    SAP ERP 2005

    1. Can someone please tell me what triggers the auto_runstats to run? As far as I can tell at the moment, it seems to run about every two hours.

    2. When it does run, I do not believe it runs stats on all tables/indexes. Can someone confirm this and tell me what determines which tables get included?

    3. Is there a way to not allow auto_runstats to run during a given period? There is some concern regarding it collecting stats during the evening hours while backups and/or jobs are running. Or, should we not be concerned about stats running while these other things are running?


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    I think DB2 monitors changed pages and recalculates statistics only for those objects that it thinks have changed.

    Schedule for automatic maintenance (including automatic runstats) can be changed in Control Centre only. Well, technically you could also reverse-engineer contents of one of the DAS control tables, don't remember which one exactly: the configuration is stored as an XML document.

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