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    Unanswered: Export Data into textfile thru VBA code

    Can any one please tell me how to i export data thru VBA code as same when i right click on any table and then it ask me to export data as comma delimited. Can i do the same thru VBA code. I need it not prompt me for comma delimited or fixed length as i only need the comma delimited text. It automatically convert the table into comma delimited text.


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    First, export the file the way you do, but when the wizard comes up choose the Advanced button. This will allow you to create a File Specification. Once you have chosen all of your options (comma separated, date format, field names, etc.) save the file specification with an appropriate name.

    Then in VBA you can use the DoCmd.TransferText method to do the export. The parameters for this function can be a little confusing, so I always recommend using the Macro editor to test your export, then once you have the macro working you copy and paste the parameters into you VBA function call. With the macro editor the combo boxes and other screen hints help to put the right data in the right fields.

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    yup that's work

    you could also be masochistic and do it by writing to text files (use write #x. but thats really appropriate for old timers like me who remeber the 'googd old days' of standard Basic
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