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    Unanswered: Separate City, State and Zip

    Can any one please tell me how do i separate city state and zip. I ask this question in previous post. But when the city name is in two words it mess up my values otherwise it works.

    Las Vegas NA, 12345
    Oradell NJ, 07649
    Bay Shore NY, 11703


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    Replace strAddress in the code below with the actual name of the string that contains your entire address, and this code will work regardless of the number of words in the city name, assuming your addresses are all formatted the way your examples were.

    Dim lngAddressSize as Long
    lngAddressSize = len(strAddress)
    City  = Left(strAddress, lngAddressSize-10)
    State = mid$(strAddress,lngAddressSize-8,2)
    Zip = Right(strAddress, 5)
    Hope this helps!

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