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    Unanswered: Reporting Services - use of temp tables

    Hello all,

    I need to create a report based on a stored procedure. This stored procedure contains temp tables. At the time of creating the report, I receive a message mentioning - There is an error in the query. Invalid object name '<temp table name'>

    Doesn't Reporting Services support temp tables?

    Thanks all,

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    You can use temporary tables. I tend to do it like...

    -- Create temporary tables
    declare @MyTempTable table
    field1 int,
    field2 smalldatetime,
    field3 int,
    field4 smallint

    You can then use @MyTempTable for your SP.

    Hope that helps.

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    Hi I have the answer for you

    Yes you could very well use a temp table in store procedure and call it from a reporting services.

    I have wrote and described how you could do that.
    Please see here :Database & data warehouse website

    for more help. add you comments

    Mnaouar Ben Khelifa

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