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    Unanswered: insert N/A in a blank ROW


    I have a database that has a column called assem number. What I am trying to do is if the row is blank, insert N/A. Can I do this as a Make table query in SQL? Thanks for the help


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    probably better to do that at the report/form level:

    =nz([assem number], "n/a")

    Alternately, you COULD set a default value for that column at the table level, but I wouldn't recommend it.
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    If you want to do this as each record is saved then this should do it:

    Private Sub Form_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)
      If IsNull(Me.[assem number]) Then
         Me.[assem number].Value = "N/A"
      End If
    End Sub
    If you already have a table full of these and you want to do a "wholesale" change of them, you need to do this with an Undate Query. Using the above code will then insure that there will be no more blank fields in the future.
    Hope this helps!

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    NULLS are a powerfull concept in databases, what you seem to be requesting is a way of presenting the data, not storing the data. If your column can have a value of unknown then NULL is almost certainly the best means of storing it.

    Keep numeric and string/text columns separate. if you make a numeric column string to store "N/A" you loose the potential power of the SQL aggregate functons on those columns, you also loose sorting / order capability. You also will probably bollux sub totals in group/page/report footers.

    you could put the nz function into a query if you preferred, but I'd guess most people on this forum would put it in the presentation layer
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