Running db2 v8.2 fp3 on Aix 5.3 - there was a recent issue when a system reboot was attempted - db2stop issued as part of the reboot went into a hang mode - there was an online backup running that was waiting on a log file archive to complete (which it never did becuase the tape was taken offline).

db2stop normally kills the online backup and brings down the database but in this case it never could do so because of the problems with archive. However what is puzzling me is that the db2diag log gives me the ADM7009E message that indicates the maximum agents were reached.

MESSAGE : ADM7009E An error was encountered in the "TCPIP" protocol support.A possible cause is that the maximum number of agents has been

Has anyone come across this situation when trying to stop db2 ? Additionally can any process even make a connection when db2stop is in progress ? How can i get the ADM7009E when db2stop should be forcing the agents off ??

Appreciate ur feedback