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    Unanswered: Some VB questions

    (1) I wrote an event procedure for the CHANGE event of a combo box.
    But then I ran the application, when I chose a value in the combo box, its event procedure was NOT triggered at all.
    Why is this so ?

    (2) How do you add list values to a 2-column combo box (or list box) via VBA codes ? I tried to use the LIST property of the combo box but of no avail, the LIST property worked fine with 1-column combo box but not 2-column.

    (3) I discovered that VB6 does NOT work with MS Access 2000 or later versions. Does that mean all the currently implemented VB6 programs in businesses have Access backends NO LATER than 97 version ?

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    (1) write ur procedure in the CLICK event

    (2) what tool do u use?

    (3) i guess so, but it's really a problem, just make sure when u create the database to convert it to the earlier version, or even better to create it using the wizard that comes with VB (Visual Data Manager), and make sure that u add the files necessary to read the database on a pc with no office installed (basicly MSADODC.OCX)..


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    VB6 works absolutely FINE with later versions of Access. But, you have to install the latest version of Jet, as Jet v3.51 won't work with Access 2K or later. You need to install Jet 4.0 drivers.
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    (1) Maybe you just change the control's name. If not you have to try it in debug mode

    (2) I never used 2columns list but I think that the way to put data into the second column is to split your data with a tab character

    (3) As loquin said, VB6 is fully compatible with office XP, 2003+ ... as long as you have the good driver to work with

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