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    Unanswered: Need solution to read data in both capital/small letter


    In one of the column of a table of my SQL Server contains around 500 employee names. Some of them are written in capital letters and some are not. Some of them with first character capital and rest all small.

    I am using FE as MS Access. When user search the record thru a normal textbox (behind which I put small bunch of code to get the desired data in sub-form) user must enter searching name in the textbox in the same fashion the actual data available in the table.

    e.g. let us say the employee name is John

    User who searching John’s record must enter first letter capital otherwise it will not search. Why like this if table in on server.

    This doesn’t happen when table is local in access. What is the solution to this?

    All the suggestions are welcome.

    With kind regards,

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    Have you tried

    Criteris = "LCase(FieldName) = '" & LCase(txtContolName) & "'"

    Or similar


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