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Thread: OS memory Issue

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    Unanswered: OS memory Issue

    Can someone tell me how to determine which heap is running out of memory ?
    I getting this about twice daily.

    2006-11-14- E11120762C552 LEVEL: Severe (OS)
    PID : 22926 TID : 1 PROC : db2agent (DBLIQ003) 0
    INSTANCE: db2inst1 NODE : 000 DB : DBLIQ003
    APPHDL : 0-244 APPID: A931E64A.I109.038184142624
    FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, oper system services, getPrivateChunksFromOs, probe:100
    CALLED : OS, -, malloc
    OSERR : ENOMEM (12) "Not enough space"
    MESSAGE : Private memory and/or virtual address space exhausted
    DATA #1 : Requested size, PD_TYPE_MEM_REQUESTED_SIZE, 4 bytes

    DB21085I Instance "db2inst1" uses "32" bits and DB2 code release "SQL08022"
    with level identifier "03030106".
    Informational tokens are "DB2 v8.1.0.89", "special_15295", "U800790_15295", and
    FixPak "9".
    Product is installed at "/opt/IBM/db2/V8.1".


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    I suspect you're running out of physical memory on the system. Why don't you run db2mtrk and see how much memory in total you're using.

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