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Thread: need some ideas

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    Unanswered: need some ideas

    I have this old sybase database (use sybase sql server 11)
    sitting on the old linux server. I want to convert or
    upgrade to a window based database because the server is
    pretty old (I am fraid it maybe broken one day) and there
    is not linux expert here. Any good idea for this? Thank you
    very much!

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    Create the new database on the new machine.

    Kick the users out of the old database.

    bcp out the data into ascii files

    ftp/copy the ascii files out to the new server.

    bcp the data into the new server

    repoint all applications to the new server.

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    1 Ensure you think about the following carefully:
    - unless you run Sybase ASE 11 on the new windows machine, you will get different results from your queries (SQL is different from each vendor)
    - linux is infinitely more stable than anything MicroSoft ever did (or ever will) produce.
    - it runs much faster on linux than on windows
    If it aint broke dinnae fix it.

    2 Sybase 12.5.x is much faster than 11.x, if you have a licence then you are best advised to migrate to it. Read the Migration Guide and follow all steps.

    3 If you do move to either Sybase 11/12 on filthy windows that need constant attention, or worse, if you move to SQL Server <insert year/bug count>, as long as you name the server the same, you will not have to "repoint" the applications to it. That is leave the interfaces (or sql.ini) file unchanged.

    Derek Asirvadem
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    Spend your money on standards-compliant development or spend 10 times more fixing it

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    Sybase supplies 2 freebie products as part of their Migration workbench.

    1. Powertransfer (.NET based via DSN) - slow
    2. sybmigrate (native) - fast

    You would also need Power Designer, which comes free with an ASE license.

    Power Designer can reverse engineer the schema, DDL to the target.
    sybmigrate can pump the data into the target.

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