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    Unanswered: Newbie question on backups

    For UDB, the automatic backups when set to 1 per day it doesn't appear to run them once per day as the GUI states. Also, does anyone know how many copies are kept. I've read that they are "pruned", but it doesn't state how many are kept of each kind. I'll have a mix of daily and weekly image copies in the same database. If someone can point me to some reading on backups I'd appreciate it.

    We are using Veritas to backup the file system nightly. I'm also guessing that since the daily and weekly backups are taken off to tape by Veritas that I can use anyone of those (if restored from tape) as a possible recovery point. I'm also using cyclical logging and not using any kind of roll forward options.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Forget about automatic backups. A poorly implemented solution.

    Instead use a cron job (or the DB2 scheduler if using Windows) to take regular backups, and write a script to prune them. Don't forget the compress option to save space.
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