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    Unanswered: SQL Profiler Equivalent in Oracle

    Hi I'm from SQL Server Background, recently started working on Oracle, I'm looking for a tool in Oracle which is Equivalent to SQL Profiler in SQL Server.

    My intention is
    I should be able to see the following details when the application being used.
    1. DB User ID
    2. Tables being hit during the operation
    3. Stored procedures being Called
    4. Duration of Execution
    5. NT Domain ID of user
    6. Application name which is calling the DB Objects (SP/Table/sql)


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    You don't state your Oracle version. In 9.x this would be the Enterprise Manager (a Java-GUI installed together with the Oracle tools) and with 10.x this would be the EM Grid control, which is a web front end that serves the same purpose as the old EM.

    Go through the respective manuals on the Oracle site, the information is all there.

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    you asked this same question in your other thread - are you wanting this for auditing purposes, or performance monitoring?

    SQL trace is the closest thing in Oracle to SQL Profiler - it gathers everything a given session(s) does - you'd only use it to fine tune a given process, and never run it all the time

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